Monday, March 30, 2015

Update & Our Theme.

Hello my lovelies, long time no see! In the course of these past few days this girl and her husband-to-be have managed to do some pretty amazing things.
Signed-Sealed-Delivered. A whole year and a half in advance.
The above picture is us at the meeting. Yep, a not so flattering selfie but still a very important moment in time that needed to be documented.
Second- We altered our theme to what will work for both of us and fit both of our styles.
Rustic Shabby Chic. Light pink, white, burlap and lace. We are currently compiling ideas and I can not wait to update you on all of it!
Third, we saw Cinderella, which is quite the deal for us Disney lovers. (Or maybe just me, but regardless he is a WONDERFUL sport! As much as he might deny it, he loves it. Though he doesn't usually deny it.) It was just simply amazing and I still can not get over that amazing dress and the way it moves. I just want to touch it. There is something about touching a beautiful gown like that, it fuels my desire to work in bridal so much more than I already want it. It just ignites a fire in me that I can not get over.
I can not wait to do this with the rest of my life and I can not wait to be married to the one who supports this dream. I can not wait until I can tell you more.
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Friday, March 20, 2015

Busy Bee working on Wedding Bells.

Oh my goodness, lovelies, life lately has been all work and no play!
Let me catch you up on my latest events:
I have been working A LOT. I have a wonderful PT job at Macy's while I'm in school and go to school all week and work during the week and weekends. I'm finally in the midst of wedding planning while I'm working on wedding related tasks at work.

I recently got to help at a bridal expo with my work! I've been busy busy busy buzzing like a bee trying to pursue my passion. The other day I got to help a wonderful woman find the wedding dress of her dreams and order it for her. She left so happy and shining! You'll be hearing more from me as time slows on down! 

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Move Aside Rustic Weddings: What's Trending Now.

This past year it was really rare to see anything other than a rustic/barn wedding. 
The more I am watching my friends from school get married and the more I'm creeping around on the internet, the more I'm seeing something completely different. 
At first, I believed that since it was the nautical season, it only made sense: the beach, anchors, navy blue, the whole summer-time American ordeal. Then, while hanging around on Pinterest on my all-to-rare free time I saw that maybe, just maybe, nautical is all year round. Of course you have the tradition summer or destination beach wedding, but I'm beginning to see it take over the other seasons as well. 

This color palette may seem not necessary but it is. I would have cropped it, however this is not my own image and I do not have any right to do so. If you click on the picture, it will take you to it's source. So, can I just draw your attention to the bottom left?
Remember when I said that rustic is somewhat going out and nautical is moving in? Doesn't this in a way prove the point? Autumn is the transition season and it seems as though the rustic is transitioning into the nautical with this color scheme. This is perfect for the couples who are on the fence with this trend or it will help if you are like me and have a hard time deciding an weighing out the option. There's plenty of room for the both of them and they mesh really well.


When I saw this picture the first time, I was really confused. Why would you do a wedding like this in the middle of Winter? How do anchors and snow go together at all? It hit me that a wedding can be whatever you want it to be. Weddings aren't just about what season fits the theme you want it to be, anymore. It's all about what is significant. The rules are for breaking now. This isn't your old-fashioned Gram's time now. Everything has changed and it can be what you want when you want. As long as it is significant to you and what makes you happy, nautical in the winter it is!
Not to mention, I'm a huge fan of the beach in winter anyway. 

This one really did make sense to me. It's not too hot, it's not too cold. The cookouts are starting and so is the American celebration. If you chose to go to the beach, you wouldn't sweat your pretty make-up off and you wouldn't fry under your dress. The beach wouldn't be as crowded or full of tourists. In the way of weddings, this is a win-win. Even if you just chose to go to a lake or a marina, you could really pull off the nautical theme.

As a roundup, though, be on the lookout because what used to be just a summertime theme has now really branched out and is about to grow. 

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wedding Favors: Finds from Ebay.

When you are ending your wedding, there is no better way to keep it memorable and keep the feeling going like offering a wedding favor that ties right in with the theme your day encompassed. No matter what the theme of your wedding, it is important to have it all really tie in together to create a uniform look and feeling, the favors are no exception.

Rustic Wedding:

With these sweet little rustic treat bags, you just can't go wrong. You can put old fashioned candies in them, tea bags, or coffee. Something sweet and something Southern and rustic. 

Traditional Wedding:

I believe that wedding favors like this really add some fun to a regular and traditional wedding. This adds some more flair and some more personality to it. Not to mention I'm ALWAYS for a photo booth!

Beach Wedding:
I love beach weddings because of all of the blue and the seashells. I also love these adorable candles that feel like jelly and have an ocean scene in them! I feel like these are the most perfect favors for a beach wedding because they really just tie everything into the beach and the sun and warmth! 

Vintage Wedding:
When I think of vintage, all I can really think of are skeleton keys. When I saw these skeleton keys that are actually bottle openers, I freaked out. Seriously, how neat is that? It's pretty and it's functional and ties the theme all through. 

Carnival/Fair Wedding:
At the end of the wedding day, you are going to have a bunch of treats left If I'm guessing right. Especially for such a food-packed theme. You aren't going to want to take it all home and you aren't going to want to throw it away. Why not let the guests take home what they want with these cute little treat boxes that match the carnival and fair theme? They can take what they want and have the memory and you don't have to deal with the leftovers. You can even pack your own boxes for the honeymoon!

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Wedding Planners: Thinking of hiring one? Here's what you need to know.

Why use a wedding planner? 
Well, I'll tell you why.
The hardest stinkin' part of this whole process so far has been finding a venue. 
It wouldn't be so hard if we didn't know EXACTLY what we wanted.
I want plantation, he wants barn. 
Seeing as this isn't the South, we are NOT going to get the best of both worlds. 
We thought we did, we really thought we did have a venue,
until we saw how many people we could have. 
We were not going to fit everyone where we needed to. 
I've done so much research, gone to expos, looked in every state related magazine and it's just 
one. big. pain.
We can not figure it out. We have to find an area that's not ridiculously hard to get to or too far away, we have to find one with a reasonable price, and we need to fit a rough estimate of people and it's hard.
To add another thing into the mix: we want to have family bring their own food. 
I don't want a caterer with fancy foods. I want plain old down home food that people actually eat.
I'm going to be in my gown eating pulled pork and mac and cheese if I can help it. 
Most venues want you to have their caterers. Again, super hard to find.

This is why I need one. Even if only for a consultation. If the price is right, maybe more. 
For now, I just plain old need someone who knows what they are doing and knows the area. 
I need someone who is going to be able to know what I want and get a sense about what I like. 
This is why wedding planners rock.

It's almost as if wedding planners/event planners are trained simply to study you.
I feel like they know you the second you walk in and know what's going to click. I feel like they make it their own personal mission to know everything about you that they can to make sure they are pleasing you and providing good service. Let's be honest, why wouldn't they try their hardest to please us, we are their business and it's their job to make everything easier on us. 
They want us to relax. They want us to just enjoy the day and not stress or worry to the max. 
They are there to help us. 

How can we help them, though? 
Is there anything special that we can do or anything that we need to know?
I asked a professional wedding planner that I've been talking to for a few days now. 
Meet Kristine from Lace and Grace Events.

Wedding planner, event planner, wedding coordinator, event coordinatorLace and grace events, Wedding planner, wedding coordinator, event planner, event coordinator

Disclaimer- Just so you know, the perspective of this company may be more accommodating than other wedding planners. Lace and Grace's philosophy and perspective may not be reflective of other wedding planners. 

Diana: What do you want the couple to be able to tell you when you first meet, what do you want them to bring with them?

Kristine: In the complimentary consultation that Lace and Grace provides, we would want them to be able to express a few key elements.

(I encourage couples to come to the consultation together so that way they are both on the same page in order to understand one another's desires and goals from a wedding. It is easier to mesh those two personalities and differences if they come as a pair. We believe in more than the wedding-- we believe in building a marriage and that's why we stand behind a "united" couple so to speak, especially for the primary consultation.)

First and foremost, we would have them fill out a questionnaire of sorts to answer basic questions, such as names, occupations, ages, birthdays,etc. Then, there is a section about the bride and groom that's a bit more personalized, such as favorites (e.g. color, cake, etc). 

Finally, I would have them describe their wedding in a few words to get a sense of who the couple are and what they want to be in their wedding. If they have any bridal "inspiration", design or a theme in mind, I'd ask them to bring colors or anything else that they may have available to show. Otherwise, their ideas are perfectly fine! Some brides bring in binders, while others just come with a thought about what they'd like. 

I have brides ranging on what they'd like from a day-of-coordination to full planning! 

Diana: Is there any special information they should have for you?

Kristine: If we've been in contact, most of them will have completed the bridal questionnaire, if not they should have a sense of what they need their planner for. For example, do you just need a planner for the day of? Will the planner help you with just DIY or possibly inspiration or budget? Or are you lost and need direction, execution, and help all-together? 

I also run through a list of items to see how aware the bride and groom are of the tasks ahead, and if they don't have an idea of what they'd like to do versus the planer, this gives us some insight on what level of detail, organization, and consultation that they will need. 

I think another element that's important to an initial consult would be what type of medium the couple likes to work in; whether it be webchats, text, phone calls, emails... the couple should be able to tell the consultant how much involvement they would like their planner to have. 

Diana: Do you want them to be able to tell you what they want exactly or do you just get a sense of them and see what you come up with and run it by them?

Kristine: This is really tricky, to be quite honest. However, we love to accommodate our couples as much as possible. If they want to tell us what they'd like and just want us to execute, great! If not, then that's also great! I personally prefer a mix of the two where a couple may know what they wants but still need guidance and advice as to what would work best for their wedding.

Kristine also has a few key pieces of advice: 

1) Plan early and be realistic about how much time and effort you would like to exert on the event. 

 I know to most a wedding planner may not seem like a "big deal" or a "necessary" expense, but I know that there are LOADS of brides who REGRET not having at least a day-of-coordinator for their wedding in order to smooth over all details and prevent a single loved one to miss out on the festivities.  If it's an event for more than 200 people, I'd suggest looking for a full-planner because it becomes overwhelming very quickly and looking for one within 2 months of the event is always very difficult to manage because the schedules of planners fill up quickly. 

2) Do not, I repeat do NOT look at the sticker prices of wedding planners.

Sticker prices are usually not advertised, and if they are there is usually a huge range because of the type of work that is required of wedding planners. Go to their website, ask their previous couples or other vendors that you trust how they feel about the planner. Additionally, if you were thinking about the average price of a planner (~$2,000) and hire them to plan the entire event 12 months prior to your wedding, that's about $5/day for the peace of mind of having a wedding planner worry on your behalf. I'd say that's a good deal considering that a normal dinner out costs $13+.

3) Make sure the planner is willing to work WITHIN your budget. 

Sometimes planners have preferred vendors who they contract with and recommend to their couples, but these preferred vendors could be drastically out of budget for the couple. Be sure to ask before any verbal commitments are signed. Usually a quote/consultation is given complimentary. If not the fee is usually less than $20. 

4) Read the FINE PRINT. 

Make sure you get the most out of a planner by (I know some will hate me for saying this, but---) READING the contract. The fine print, e.g. service fees will be where most couples end up paying substantially more than they wish for in a planner. Additionally, wedding planners may charge the same price. However, if wedding planner A has an added bonus of replying within 24 hours and you're unsure as the length of time it will take wedding planner B to get in contact with you... Who would you choose? Wedding Planner A of course! Be sure to compare packages and added bonuses and such. It does make a difference. 

5) Make sure your planner is worried about YOU. 

Of course you will want a planner to take care of you as a couple and an individual. Make sure you're comfortable with their level of involvement and most importantly --- be sure that your personalities are compatible... Otherwise you could be paying a lot more for sub-par service. 

Thanks, Kristine! If you guys have any more questions I am sure she would be more than thrilled to talk to you! Here is her contact info!

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